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PocketFull Gorilla 1.0

PocketFull Gorilla 1.0

PocketFull Gorilla Publisher's Description

Remember the olden days of computer gaming, when you used to spend hours hurling pixilated bananas across skyscrapers to nuke your gorilla friends?

Well those days are back... minus the slug speed computer. Now you can enjoy tossing bananas at your friend on your handheld anywhere. Gorilla closely follows the classic DOS games of the 1980s to ensure the fun remains.

Gorilla is optimized for High-Res Palm OS devices. It's colorful high-res animation is as delightful as a banana split. Gorilla also runs great on low resolution devices.

Before you start actually tossing bananas, you can customize your urban war. First enter the names of the two gorilla warriors then enter the amount of matches you want to play. Finally choose the acceleration of gravity by selecting one of the nine planets in our solar system.

Gorilla will then randomly generate a city skyline on which you will carry out your gorilla warfare. Each gorilla in turn tries to nuke his opponent until one of the gorillas gets vaporized under a cloud of radioactive banana peel shreds.

But make sure you take into account the direction and speed of the wind! If you don't you might find your own banana returning to banana cream you!

Have fun!

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